Who is Joyous Commerce

My name is Stacy Salter.

I am a wife, a mom to a sassy 9 year old named Audrey Joy, an all-my-life-long entrepreneur, a daily Christian Devotional blogger, a Jesus is a my KING kind of gal and... 

I am a seeker of JOY. 

I find it in my paint and craft events, in gatherings that bring a community together, in the final product of my photography. 

I am a creator of JOY. 

I do this by developing and seeing through joy-creating events, shows and occasions, with a focus on working with LOCAL artisans, business owners, and creative people.

Through Bring Your Own Apron Paint & Craft Events, together with my mother, we host paint and craft events across Central Pennsylvania, offering the JOY of creating and accomplishment.

Just SO Stacy Photography captures the JOY of the people who I work with from behind my camera, be it family portraiture or weddings. I have been photographing professionally for 8 years. 

My daily Facebook Devotional , Joyful Musings, is sometimes simple and sometimes raw and always focused on faith. I tell it like it is, or at least how I see it, and somewhere in the midst I hope my readers relate to and find JOY in our common journey.

Through my various craft, creativity shows, workshops, conferences and community events, I help other people find their JOY and celebrate it.

Simply, Joyous Commerce is a conglomerate of joy-invoking businesses with faith at the very center of it all.

choose joy. create joy. seek joy. capture joy. bring joy.

1 peter 1:6 Be truly glad, there is wonderful JOY ahead